When someone is in need of new towels to take to the beach, they may want to contemplate purchasing designer towels especially for this occasion. Using towels of the highest quality will ensure they will dry anyone easily while looking great in a public setting.

Get A Designer Beach Towel This Summer

Be the person everyone looks at in envy with a high-quality towel that screams “look at me”. Designer towels are the newest trend and hottest look for beaches, pools, hot tubs, sunbathing, and even home use.

Care For Designer Beach Towels Properly

When a designer beach towel is shipped to a customer, the customer may want to give it a washing before using. This will help to remove any lint that may be present, leaving the towel in a pristine state for its first day out in the public eye. Since designer towels are made from 100% cotton, they will wear in nicely and become softer with each machine wash. It is a good idea to let towel sets dry on a rack or clothes line to keep the fibers intact longer. Washing in cold water will prolong the appearance of the colors used to dye the fabric, letting its vividness shine through for all to see.

Showing Off Your New Find

Once a customer receives their new towel, they will be ready to show it off to others. Spread the towel out on a beach chair or in the sand and make sure to spend some time away from it so it is seen from afar. Matching a bathing suit to the towel will be sure to get some appreciate looks from others. Wrap the towel around the body so it is seen when walking around the pool, to the snack bar, or back from the ocean waves.

Use Your Towel For Bathing At Home

A designer towel should not be thrown into a closet to only be used in the summer months. This will cause it to get lost in linens when it can be utilized as a bath towel. To get the full appreciation of this great piece of material, use it throughout the year after showers and baths. It will soon become a family favorite. After a while, each member of the family may want one of their own towels to enjoy. Keep this in mind for holidays and birthdays. The entire family can then don these luxury towels when taking their vacation the following summer.